Cheerleaders pose for a photo together


Boys Soccer

To develop an active soccer team in order to develop a competitive team by consistently reviewing skills, tactics and techniques.

Girls Soccer

The girls soccer program at Swift Creek Middle offers a valuable experience by providing a fun, challenging, and competitive atmosphere in which you will learn and express your love for the game. You will gain new friendships, improve your skills as a player and acquire valuable life lessons along the way.

Girls' Basketball

Our program will be known for it’s emphasis on fundamentals, player development and defensive principles. The philosophy of SCMS girls’ basketball is centered around the idea that our program should be preparing student-athletes to play for and impact their high school programs. We want to give them the cornerstones of basketball fundamentals so that they can build as high as they choose or are willing to go with their “hoop dreams”.


The SCMS cheerleading team is a program that is primarily dedicated to representing the SCMS community by cheering for their sports teams, competing at competitions, and being exemplary role models to their peers by developing leadership, teamwork, goal setting, and responsibility skills. They also develop physical skills such as stunting, jumping, and tumbling to improve endurance and strength.

Boys Basketball

The goal for Swift Creek Basketball is to teach each member of the team the art of basketball and enhance their skills and abilities. To provide training to improve on their speed, agility, strength and conditioning while providing them with the knowledge of the game.

Cross Country (XC)

The cross country team meets daily for long distance running outdoors. Runners at all skill and ability levels are welcome. Some choose to run for the competitive nature of the sport and others run to improve every day. Whatever your goal may be, you’re welcome here! All athletes are expected to do their best and try their hardest – this means walking as little as possible, having a positive attitude and consistently working to improve. Please note that continued academic performance (grades at or above “C” in all classes) and no referrals for behavior are required for participation on the team. Students may be asked to take time off from the team to improve grades or improve behavior at the coach’s discretion.